Call For Session Proposals

Submission deadline has been EXTENDED through February 21, 2013!

Instructions: Please refer to the CFSP Submittal Instructions for definitions, examples, and additional details on how to complete each section. Please read the instructions carefully. All proposals must be submitted using the online CFSP Submittal Form. Proposals will not be accepted via fax or email.

Questions about the submittal form or instructions should be directed to Melissa Shelley at or 916-448-1198 x 327 or Michele Warren at or 916-448-1198 ext. 308.

Please note: The online form will not allow for saving content prior to submitting. Once you start your submittal form, you will need to complete it in its entirety then submit it. You will not be able to save and come back to finish the form later. We strongly encourage you to have all the details regarding your proposal at hand before you start entering information into the online submittal form.

STEP 1: Contact Information for Session Proposer

(e.g. Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Dean, Professor, Honorable)
(e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx)

STEP 2: Choose a Content Level

STEP 3: Session Details and Descriptions

Please use the space provided below to outline the details of the session or presentation topic you are proposing. Refer to the CFSP Instructions for each session type. Be sure to include all requested information.

Regardless of the format chosen, Conference Organizers are looking for sessions that have a focus on implementation.

A. Session / Presentation Format:

B. Proposed Session Participants:

(complete speaker #1 details if proposing an individual presentation)

Proposed Moderator / Facilitator: (applies to complete session proposals only)

(e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Proposed Speakers:
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(e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx)

(e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx)

C. Session/Presentation Title:

(12-word limit – use the space provided below)

D. Interactive Component of Your Session:

(100-word limit – use the space provided below)

Please note: Based on our experience, the most popular conference sessions are those that include formats and strategies to engage participants during the sessions. The Conference Organizers are hoping to see creativity in how sessions are put together to achieve the goal of increasing the interaction between speakers and participants. Please provide details on any unusual or creative session formats or special needs. Preference will be given to sessions with an innovative, interactive format that actively engages participants. Please describe how your session will be interactive or engage session participants.

E. Session Abstract / Presentation Description:

(150-250 words MAX – use the space provided below)

F. Learning Objectives:

(20 word limit – use the spaces provided below)

Describe four objectives for your complete session (or 1-2 objectives for if proposing an individual presentation).

STEP 4: Session Connection to Conference Purpose

A. Designate a Session Topic Category and Community Type:

This year’s sessions will be organized according to topic categories. We understand that there is overlap between the categories listed below, and that your proposal might fit under more than one category. However, we are asking that you choose no more than TWO categories, the two that you believe are the most appropriate for your proposal. Should the committee evaluating each proposal determine that yours would be more competitive under a different category, it will be moved at the committee’s discretion.

We strongly encourage proposals that cover any of the thematic categories listed below, as all are extremely important to the conference program. That said, we are very interested in proposals that address the following topics:

  1. increasing Safe Routes to School programs and policies in low-income communities and rural areas and on tribal lands;
  2. engaging and empowering youth in Safe Routes to School work (including sessions that feature youth leaders as presenters); and
  3. encouraging stronger involvement among the education community in Safe Routes to School endeavors.

We are also looking for proposals that feature successful efforts to actively engage parents in Safe Routes to School programs.

In order to help us better understand the type of community that your proposed session or presentation focuses on, please check the appropriate boxes below (up to two). If the content of your session / presentation is applicable to all types of communities, choose “All Types of Communities.”


Please take a minute to scroll back through the entire form to review your entries one last time. Once you hit the "Submit Proposal" button, you will not be able to make any further changes to your proposal. If there are errors within your form, you will receive an error message directing you to correct the identified errors before your proposal can be successfully submitted.

After submitting, the form may take a minute to process. Please DO NOT hit "Submit Proposal" more than once.