Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Please find the presentations linked below from the conference by individual presenters.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 2:15 – 3:45pm

Incorporating Health Into Infrastructure Planning

Alex Smith   Richard Chin

Are We at the Tipping Point? Learn some strategies about staying there!

Seth LaJeunesse  Catherine Girves

Learning from Our Elders and Youngsters

Marco Rasor  Cindy Antrican  Emma Pachuta  James Martin Perez Work & Laurel Poeton  Paul Keener

Vision Zero

Ashley Rhead  Nancy Pullen-Seufert  Marty Martinez  Marjorie Marciano  Jennifer Baldwin

Direction through Policy: Encouraging Active Transportation at Every Level

Kenneth Shonkwiler  Judi Wallace  Trish Sanchez, Lisa Lee, & Sean Schweitzer

SRTS Educational Programs and Funding Opportunities

Kate Moening  Linda Bischoff  Victoria Beale  Colleen Oliver  Julie Walcoff 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 4-5:30pm

Identifying and Addressing Fear, Perception and Risk Related to Walking and Biking

Leigh Ann Von Hagen  Elise Bremer-Nei  Kevin Chang  Carmen Burkes  Charles Tassell  Tim Casto  

Collection and Prioritization – How to Drive Policy With Data

Jamie Hilland  Tony Hull  Michael Lowry  Ana Valenzuela

Re-Branding SRTS To Be More Effective Locally and Statewide

Nora Cody  Sara Zimmerman  Stephanie Tresso  Bruce Hull  Diane Lambert

How Enforcement Can Help with Equity

Trish Sanchez  Cleve Ricksecker  Evelyn Ebert  Patrick Zahn

Get Up, Get Out and Get Healthy

Taylor Lonsdale  Mikaela Randolph  Hillary Mead  Paula Kreissler  Virginia Dick  Michelle Lieberman

Children and Parents and Grandparents – Oh My!

Brynn Viale  Jennifer Navala  Sarah Hadler  Kristine Schindler


Wednesday, April 6, 2016 10:00am – 11:30am

Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets: Stronger Together

Jennifer Noll  Ryan Noles  Christine Connell  Diane Dohm  Sean Meehan

Evaluating SRTS Program Impacts on CO2 Emissions and Regional Partnerships

Hanna Day-Kapell   Leslie Lara-Enriquez

Learning Before, During and After the School Bell Rings

Michelle Breidenbach  Brooke Lowry

Environmental Justice Initiatives Supporting SRTS

Demetria Espinoza  Bill Sadler  Carmen Burks

A Pat on the Back for Good Incentives

Peter Hurst  Wendi Kallins  Seth LaJeunesse  Trish Sanchez  Sean Schweitzer  Ian Henderson  Gwen Froh

 Creative Design Solutions for Small Towns and Rural Communities

Taylor Lonsdale  Lee Steinmetz  Bev Brody

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 1:45pm – 3:15pm

Engineering Equity, a Complex undertaking

Randy Bowman  Kathleen Dussault  Alex Smith  Brian Hagerty  Eric Lowry

Partnerships Pay Off

Jennifer Pelletier  Melissa Kraemer Badtke  Lauron Hinch

Emerging Practices in School-Based Bicycle & Pedestrian Education

Nancy Nochols  Dot Dickerson  Peter Bilton  Christopher Gonda  Shane MacRhodes

From the Federal to the Local Level: Ways to Secure More Funding for Safe Routes to School

Margo Pedroso  Jenna Berman  Elise Bremer-Nei  David Shipps  Sheilagh Griffin

SRTS Walking and Biking Programs Lead the Way!

Katie Johnson  Ty Schmidt  Wendi Kallins  Gwen Froh  Christina Muldoon

Safe Routes Programming Innovations

Brynn Viale  Jennifer Navala  Leigh Ann Von Hagen  Darrell Davis  Sean Mullen


Thursday, April 6, 2016 8:00am – 9:30am

Come Together Right Now Over Streets

Ashleigh Curry  Kate Robb  Colin Harris  Dave Cowan

Building for Tomorrow

Letty Schamp  Rebecca Crowe  Andy Davis

Getting Your Message Out to Stakeholders and Decision Makers

Marsha Bach  Stacy Simera  Tim Vaske  Cresha Auck Foley  Marie Pickney

When Violence and Crime Inhibit Physical Activity and Safe Routes to School

Alyia Gaskins  Freddy L. Collier, Jr.  Maylaya Davis

Get Everyone Moving for the Health of It

Rachel Banner  Alexis Etow  Caitlin Harley  Kate Moening  Mikaela Randolph

Purpose, Method, Results….Examining On-Bicycle Education

Sean Meehan  Jay DiDomenico  Bryan Pomares  Jonathan Hooshmand

Thursday, April 7, 2016 9:45am – 11:15am

Challenges of Infrastructure Implementation

Mark Nolt  Min Zhou  Steve Tweed  Jennifer Toole  Joshua Sikich  Douglas Lynch  & Cory Whitesell

Researching Success: Different Methods & Different Data, National Trends

Bridget Kerner  Jeffrey Krauss  Seth LaJeunesse

Culture in the Classroom – the Recipe for Long Term Success

Diane Lambert  Sara Zimmerman  William Swiatek  Sarah Coakley  Darell Davis  Carrie Harvilla

Crossing Captains and Cops Collaborating

Mara Christy  Shauna McMillian  LaTrenda Leonard  Lauron Hinch & Petere Flucke

Bike Safety Before and After Your Ride

Sarah Denny & Hayley Southworth  Shane MacRhodes  Laurel Poeton  Kaley Lyons

Walking and Biking in Transportation Planning

Dan Andersen  &  Sherie Moore  Stephanie Weber  Bill Sadler  Kari Schlosshauer  &  Marty Martinez