Participate in a Workshop at Intersections

Registered conference attendeees are can participate in workshops at the 5th Safe Routes to School National Conference on Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

Three workshops are onsite at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Four workshops will be mobile. The mobile workshops have a fee of $10 + an Eventbrite processing fee. There is a limited number of spaces for each workshop. Details are below.



Mobile Tours: Tuesday, April 5 from 4pm – 6pm
Number of Participants: 25

Cost - $10 + processing fee
How We Roll - Yay Bikes!

Join Columbus’s bike advocacy group, Yay Bikes, in an educational bike tour to understand lawful riding and what acceptable infrastructure feels like on the road.

Mobile Tours: Wednesday, April 6 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Number of Participants: 28 per 1 hour time slot

Cost – $10 + processing fee
Blind Walk Audit 3:30pm - 4:30pm and 4:30pm–5:30pm

Participants will explore environments from the perspective of someone who is visually and physically impaired. This workshop will provide a more personal understanding of how well-designed infrastructure helps impaired pedestrians navigate their communities.
Number of Participants: 15

Cost – $10 + processing fee
Street Scene: Through the Eyes of a Bike Cop

Take a ride through the streets of Columbus with local Bike Cop Ron Burkett, Ron will demonstrate how a bicycle cop operates and he might even teach you a few new maneuvers.
Number of Participants: 14

Cost – $10 + processing fee
Franklinton Cycle Works Bike Co-Op

Learn from a non-profit bicycle group in our community about making cycling “fun, affordable, and sustainable”. Participants will attend a basic mechanic class and learn what types of bikes are easier to maintain.
Onsite Workshops: Wednesday, April 6 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Number of Participants: 60

Cost – $0
Location, Location, Location: The Right School in the Right Place

Surrounding land uses, easy access, neighbors, the natural environment and more factor into our decisions on where to live and work - why don't we consider them when building our schools? Learn about school siting tactics from the state level to the federal level role in walking and biking to school, and put them into play in this interactive workshop.
Number of Participants: 100

Cost – $0
Thinking Big! Activating SRTS in a Large School District

A two part workshop that begins with a multi- speaker presentation about the success and challenges of working with large districts around the country. The second part will be a panel discussion between with several Large District Coordinators.
Number of Participants: 100

Cost – $0
Race, Class, & Equity: Where to Begin

The challenges faced in communities are many and cannot be resolved by working in silos. Leaders in civil rights, faith, food access, disabilities, physical activity, and active transportation are linking arms to find holistic and sustainable solutions. This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about great work going on across the country and allow for an authentic conversation around race, class, and addressing equity.